Update Scanner

Firefox addon to monitor web pages for updates

Due to changes in Firefox, Update Scanner has been completely rewritten, and not all of the previous features are finished. If you’d like to help, see our Github and Issues pages.


Go to the Update Scanner Addon Page and click the Add To Firefox button.

Adding a Page

Toolbar Popup

Go to the web page that you wish to monitor for updates. Click the up-arrow icon in the toolbar and press the New button.

Editing Page Settings

Page Settings

You can choose how often the site will be checked for changes, and whether to ignore minor updates.



When an update is detected, you will see a notification panel. Click the notification to see the changes highlighted in yellow.

Changed Text

You can also see a list of updated pages by clicking the up-arrow toolbar icon.


To open the sidebar, click the up-arrow icon in the toolbar and press the Sidebar button. Updated items are shown in bold. Select an item in the sidebar to see the most recent changes.